Devonian Botanic Garden, 19 June 2011. Part Three: Elsewhere

Here is a final small batch of pictures taken on a rainy day at the University of Alberta’s Devonian Botanic Garden. [link to map]. (Click pictures to enlarge, and click again to enlarge further.) And then take a look at The Primula Dell and The Alpine Garden.

A view from the hut where we hid from the rain en route from the Primula Dell to the Alpine Garden.

Polygonum bistorta

If I were to plant a peony, I would choose a single-flowered variety like this P veitchii. The overweight flowers of the typical garden varieties are face-down in the mud on a day like this.

The pond at the centre of the garden

Last year, we found hellebores in bloom in the new Shade Garden (on the other side of the tower hill). This year, they appear less vigorous. This little one is called ‘Ivory Prince.’

A meconopsis in the Shade Garden. Could be M horridula.

Allium ledebourian in the Desert Garden

Suddenly aware of the photographer, this goose takes off as fast as its little legs can go, honking the alarm to its young.

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