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Auriculas of 2017, Part 2, Plants from Named Cultivars

These are seedlings whose parents and/or grandparents were named auriculas. They are not, themselves, worthy of a place on the show bench (with maybe an exception or two?) — and there is no show bench for them anyway, apart from … Continue reading

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Auriculas of 2017, Part 1, Named Cultivars

  Straight into the good stuff. Show self auriculas April Moon (yellow) and Taffeta (pink) and border auriculas Eden David (bright pink) and Kate Haywood (pale yellow).     The two border auriculas are in the ground and the two … Continue reading

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Primula Friends & Relations, 2016

One more post and then we’ll move on to 2017’s pictures. These are other plants in Primulaceae.  And following them, some other good plants that grow well here. Douglasia montana (Androsace montana) may be the most photographed plant in the … Continue reading

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Other Primulas, 2016, Part 2

  In Part 1, I mentioned a mislabelled plant that might be a Primula carniolica hybrid and showed a few of its various and strange offspring. I’ve now found a picture of the plant and another three raised from its … Continue reading

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Snowdrop Census, 2016 & 2017

Previously in the Snowdrop Census…. In 2015 there were nine blossoms, up from 2013’s seven. (The exact figure for 2014 cannot be found at the moment. Memory says eight.) === In 2016, the population held steady at nine blossoms (counting … Continue reading

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