Auriculas of 2015, Part 3

2016’s auriculas are already almost finished — lots of good pictures to come … eventually. First, a final few from last year.


A very striking red border auricula from Barnhaven seed.


This flower opens pale yellow and takes on pink hues as it ages. Seed came from the American Primrose Society winter seed exchange.


This plant is from seed (from the Friends of the Devonian Botanic Garden, back when they used to produce an annual seed list) collected from an open-pollinated plant, so it’s not possible to say whether it is an example of the species or a hybrid. Given the number of hybrid auriculas in the DBG, it is quite likely a hybrid, but it has a wild (uncultivated) alpine look about it, the yellowest yellow flowers, and the sweetest lemon-cake fragrance.


This flower and the next several are from seed from hand-pollinated show plants. Show auriculas are supremely beautiful, but precious few of their offspring are worthy of a place alongside them on the exhibition bench. This one certainly is not.


If this plant, given another year or two, can produce a truss of several blooms, it could be worth keeping.


Here is another poor, sad-clown stripe.


A very excited late-season first-time bloomer.


I like this one. But it is taking its sweet time developing into a plant of any reasonable size or substance.


DSCN0004A dark red and white stripe blooming in October as autumn leaves fall around it.


This one needs another year or two to settle down (stop fighting with itself) and decide what it wants to be.


DSCN0117This  badly formed double looks like two or three doubles fused together. Fasciation, perhaps?


At last, a good one. Precise parentage unknown (seed from one of the plants I pollinated in 2012).




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