Snowdrop Census, 2015


Galanthus elwesii

As is tradition here, we start the season by looking at the size of the Snowdrop population. After a relatively mild and short winter, there are nine flowers this spring. The colony, now five years old, continues to increase slowly.


Nearby, the Bulbocodium/Colchicum are also a little bigger than in their last appearance. This is the year they will be dug and divided.


Like the Snowdrops, Crocuses were planted in large numbers, and the few hardy survivors are growing into small bunches.


Crocuses in the alpine pan have an easier life and multiply quickly. It’s nice to have a pan full of flowers in early spring, but once the flowers are gone, views of the pan’s proper occupants will be obstructed by crocus foliage for several weeks. At the end of the season, the pan will be replanted and the crocuses moved to a container of their own.

Leaves of Cyclamen hederifolium front left and buds of Primula rusbyi behind right.


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