Strep Notes, Spring and Summer 2014, part 1


Buds for spring flowers started appearing near the end of February, and the first flowers on several plants were open in early April. Streps don’t like strong light, but they do like light, and they respond with exuberance to the lengthening days. These pictures were taken indoors, in April. The colours are not exactly accurate, but they are fairly close. Click the pictures to enlarge them.


IMG_0116IMG_0015IMG_0062IMG_0012EF4 salmonIMG_0012

Most of these (above) had bloomed previously. Three are first-timers: the freckled light purple in the top row, the darker purple in the middle row, and the salmon pink in the bottom row.

In June, I moved a couple dozen clones and re-potted divisions outdoors onto a rail on a north-facing fence for the summer. Old leaves soon yellowed and eventually died, but new leaves came up green. Flowers were more vividly coloured than indoors and seed pods grew fatter.


DSCN0026These next pictures were taken outdoors yesterday. (The plants live indoors and were moved out into daylight to be photographed.) Fall, in this climate, is another period of rapid growth and heavy blooming for streps. (Summer is a period of slower growth, winter very slow.)

First flowers are sometimes not typical of what the mature plant will produce. They have extra petals or partial petals, they don’t open fully, or they are missing the throat markings that later flowers will display.  Some of these, below, are also distorted, by aphid damage possibly, or by some form of environmental stress.


We had some good new reds this summer. A few flowers that appeared red indoors were pink outdoors, but this little one is really red. Unfortunately, on picture day, the flower was a week old and starting to turn brown.


I judge these next two seedlings the best of the current crop.


DSCN0171DSCN0175And last, new pictures of three older plants.


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