Primulas in Early June (2014)

Primulas flowering in the first half of the month. I may write more about them in the winter when I have time.

purple auricula

purple auricula


The auriculas started later and carried on longer than usual, thanks to the cool, slow spring. These are from Barnhaven seed (Alpine & Border mix), either first or second generation. The one below has an unusual wire around the eye that darkens as the flowers age. At the same time, the purple in the petals spreads into the yellow centre.




The Auriculas along the back sidewalk grew long-stemmed and floppy. Cut, they lasted several days in a jar of water.

border auriculas


Primula matthioli.

Primula matthioli

pink Primula matthioli flowers


Primula halleri.

Primula cortusoides

P halleri


Buds of another Primula matthioli, a more robust, less refined-looking plant with purple flowers.  Below it, a white-flowered form (or perhaps subspecies).

P matthioli

white Primula matthioli


A green-eyed Primula cortusoides.

Primula cortusoides


Primula polyneura, next to the purple-budded P matthioli.

Primula polyneura


Primula sieboldii.

Primula sieboldii

Primula sieboldii


Primula denticulata at the end of its flowering season. Will there be seeds this year?

Primula denticulata


And nearby in the peat bed, Dodecatheon meadia coming into bloom.

Dodecatheon meadia



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