A Quick Early Spring Tour

These Primula veris under the ‘Thérèse Bugnet’ roses are exposed now but will be shaded from summer heat by the leafed-out branches.


These are the same crocuses as in the previous entry, but in a different light, giving them richer, bluer colour.


DSCN0020Click to enlarge!


DSCN0050The new sculpture is not impressed. “Call this a garden?”


In the alpine pan, up come some eager shoots of what I guess may be Dodecatheon pulchellum, from seeds labelled Primula pulchella.


Still just this one Primula in flower. There will be more in another day or two, and then it will be possible to start hand-pollinating. The dust on the petals is likely pollen from the neighbour’s silver leaf poplars.


DSCN0057To the alpine bed now, and a better look at the Colchicum/Bulbocodium.

DSCN0056This bulb hasn’t increased, and this could be its last year if I don’t move it.


And then came snow. This Draba (aizoides?) has needle-edged succulent foliage and, soon to open, blaring yellow cruciform flowers, much like you’d see on a mustard or canola plant, its Cruciferae kin.


Another little crocus.




And the Colchicum again.


This Primula is a hybrid, I think, of P marginata and P latifolia. It looks set to bloom earlier than either of its species parents.

This is ideal spring weather for these alpine Primulas.


These seedlings, Tulipa (in front) and Fritillaria (behind), are beginning their third spring. At the end of this summer, I will move the little bulbs out of the tray and into the garden.


A garden auricula, one of a hundred or so that will begin flowering in about a week.


And we are back under the rose bushes (a few days later) with the Primula veris and daffodils.

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