Vacation Photos

early bloomers

early bloomers in the basement

I brought a couple dozen auriculas indoors in the fall that needed repotting, after spending the summer in a mix that was too heavy and wet. Some of the smaller ones have dwindled, but most of the bigger ones are doing pretty well under compact flourescents. These two think it’s spring and have each put up a small flower. We had a couple weeks of March weather in January, so I took them out to get some pictures in natural light.

These are flowering for the first time. Sown in winter 2011-12, this  spring will be their third. They might have flowered last spring, or last fall, had they not been so wet in their pots. The mix they’re in now has a lot more grit.

They are seed-grown, out of seed from plants that I grew from Barnhaven seed.


Snow day!

And here are a few new auricula seedlings. The seeds were the “dirt” that was left in the bowl after cleaning. They started to come up 2-3 weeks after sowing. If I take proper care of them, they’ll flower next year in May.


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