Studies in Pink

All the streps newly opened the past few days are pink. The ones sitting in windows, back-lit, look painted with watercolours. My camera can’t replicate the effect, nor reproduce the colours exactly.

AB soft pink white

soft pink streptocarpus

This plant has not only three flowering stems (second picture below), but even more buds forming on the leaf stems (third picture). The tiny green bumps (click to enlarge), fuzzy little warts on the petioles, will develop into flower buds and then rise above the leaves, swell like balloons, taking on colour as they expand. Or they won’t — sometimes, for whatever reason (stress of one kind or another), the buds fail and dry up. But there are always more to come.

seashell pink streptocarpus

seashell pink streptocarpus

AC seashell and buds

buds and blossoms

AC seashell buds

more to come

Now comes a favourite. Good to see it blooming again, as it has desirable features for seed collection — smaller flowers on shorter stems, flowers a little more upfacing than streps typically, some good yellow in the throat, fairly distinct venation (or netting), and a light/white edge that brings up the pale colouring on the upper petals and gives the electric pink on the lower petals an extra jolt.

AA little two-tone


AA little two-tone2


= = =

Last is a very rich pink with dark pink markings. What’s impressive is the number of budding stems rising in late November.

AD pink plus netting

deep pink streptocarpus

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