2015 Primula Preview

While cleaning seeds, I have gained a new appreciation for Primula veris. Its seeds are visible to the naked eye and they look like seeds. Elsewhere, on the envelope containing tiny bits collected from Primula marginata, I have written, “Seeds or dirt?” I won’t be offering any P marginata for exchange or sale.

To inquire about seeds I may have available for sale or trade, please use the form at the bottom of this post.

Click on the pictures to see them full size.

Primula auricula, yellow.
Primula x garden auriculas, reds, browns, yellows, purples

Shooting stars:
Dodecatheon meadia (aka Primula meadia), deep pink
Dodecatheon meadia (aka Primula meadia), pale mauve/near white
Dodecatheon dentatum (aka Primula Latiloba), white

Primula veris, reds, oranges, and yellows
Primula veris garden hybrid, pale yellow/near white
Primula x polyantha, hybrid primroses, pinks, reds, white

Primula polyneura, bright pinks
Primula cortusoides, light pinks and purples
Primula matthioli, deep pink
Primula matthioli, white

Primula halleri, light purple
Primula mistassinica (probably?), light purple
Androsace carnea, white

Primula japonica, deep pink and carmine red
Primula alpicola, blue and white mixed

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