Pop Goes the World

The poppies (Papaver somniferum, annual, strictly ornamental) have been spectacular this summer. I’ve been out most days the past month picture-taking and tagging. The rest of the garden has had to give way (the cucumbers not appreciating the company, you can see by their empty climbing frame). Even now that most have finished flowering, they will have to stay in place while the seed pods swell.

poppies bright and dullThis year’s brilliant crop is a result of several years’ culling weakly coloured flowers, like the one behind — an oddity this year but plentiful in past years — and keeping the most colourful ones, like the one in front, for next season’s seed.

I am going to throw up a bunch of pictures. All of you poppy admirers, make sure to click and enlarge them. While editing, it was impossible not to select way too many. I know I will be coming back to this post often over the winter.

light-centred poppyOnly about eight light-centreds this year, which I have tagged for separate harvesting. This one appears to have pinkish pollen that matches its light red petals. The big leaves in the background are cabbage and rhubarb.

There were more fringed petals than smooth-edged cups, and a lot of variation in both colour blends and fringe forms, as you will see.

A few tomato red doubles. I like these big bang poppies, but prefer the singles for their dramatic faces and the way they catch the light.

A double poppy ready to pop

Suffused with sunshine.

All right, now here comes the parade.

hurricane poppy

Hurricane poppy

Parrot Tulips?

The bees like them, too.




Rembrandt poppy?

Leaping flames

Blaze of Glory

purple fringe poppies

Breadseed Blues

Commercial break — this is the photo (above) I chose for the cover of my second small ebook, Extinction at the Pincers of Giant Ants: Writers, Their Words and What to Do About Them. (Not a gardening book.) Available here. Take a look.

Back to the show.

Fringe festival

Fringe festival

Double act

Double act



pink-purple fringe poppy

red fringe poppies

pink poppies

pink fringed poppies

red poppies

Silver and gold

red poppy

Stare you down.

bold red poppy

Cabbage patch glamour


pretty pale poppy

white centred red poppy

hot pink poppy

cup poppy

bright poppies

A feast of eye candy.

poppy garden

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