Primulas in May, part three

The potted auriculas over-wintered in the cold frame survived all right and looked promising in April but did not go on to flower. Meanwhile, potted plants in the sand plunge, plants in the open garden, and small seedlings left out in trays over winter, flowered all over the place. What went wrong in the cold frame? I don’t know. This summer, the auriculas, fancy or not, are going in the ground. I have dug a new alpine bed ready for them.

The biggest and most vigorous are these growing in a narrow bed along the north side of the fence. Many would be ugly on their own, but in a group they look all right.

auricula walk

This little blue is part P auricula and part P marginata.

son of p marg HD

Some local critter (a jackrabbit, I suspect) discovered a new treat.

Primula x auricula ‘Delicious’

Young seedlings in the garden …

… and others still in trays, waiting to be transplanted out:

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