Primulas in May, part two

These photos were taken in the front bed I call the alpine garden (because I built some hills and scattered some rocks and gravel around). The first four came by mail from Beaver Creek Greenhouses, and the last two are my own seed-grown plants.

First, Primula hirsuta, with fewer flowers than last year. Considering how small and frail it looked in the fall, it has come back better than expected. I’ll have to take better care of it this summer.

P hirsuta

Primula hirsuta

I had this Primula latifolia in a pot last summer and planted it out in the garden after it had flowered. The first photo was taken last year, the second this spring.

Primula latifolia 2012

Primula latifolia 2012

P latifolia

Primula latifolia 2013

Next, more pictures of my two Primula rusbyi than anyone wants to see. These were bought and planted late in 2010. They flowered in 2011 and then took a break in 2012. I worried they were dwindling, but it seems they needed a year to root in. This year they are back in flower and (the shorter pinker one more than the tall purple) increasing in size.

Primula rusbyi buds with strongly patterned calyxes

Primula rusbyi displaying a full head of purple flowers

Taller-stemmed Primula rusbyi

Taller-stemmed Primula rusbyi

And three photos of the shorter, pinker-flowered plant:

Primula rusbyi buds, peering about like a many-headed snake

Shorter-stemmed Primula rusbyi

the whole plant, vigorous and increasing

Finally, anti-climactically, a couple of auriculas — a faded red (I’ll have to check where the seed came from) and my old yellow, maybe a little less robust than last year but still going strong.

a red border auricula

a long-lived yellow Primula auricula

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