Going Localo

Arrived at the library an hour before it opened, so went for a walk, camera in hand. I often do this and then don’t get around to posting the pictures.

This is Zocalo, a small inner-city home decor shop and garden centre in Little Italy. I bought the shiny black pan I call an alpine trough here. And a bunch of pots. I bought my cherry tree here. My red-leaf sand cherry (shrub). My Gentiana acaulis came from here. And a Siberian iris….

Entering the garden shop in the courtyard at Zocalo.

This is the view of the courtyard from the backyard looking through the potting shed.

The view of the courtyard (fountain, lovely lady with pink umbrella) from the backyard (big pots, perennials and trees), through the potting shed (smaller pots and ornaments).

The fellow in the blue cap is coming to assist the lady with the pink umbrella. Earlier, he came up to me, rather quickly, and I felt I may have been profiled, not as somebody who would steal but as somebody who would curl up behind the barrel planters and spend the night. I had been going to the library — a quick in and out and then back home — and had left home in my gardening clothes. I was knee-stained and grimy. Zocalo is the inner-city garden centre for people who put on clean clothes to go shopping.

The lady is about to get helped.

Get your pots here.

Lots of pots in the yard behind the potting shed

The tomato for $3 is ‘Cherokee Purple,’ one that I bought in a flat of 12 for $1 at the neighbourhood elementary school a few days earlier. (Smug.)

Barrel planters, trees and shrubs. This is where I bought my cherry tree … three years ago?

Plants and cute things for sale

The courtyard floor

Here are a couple of hell strips planted up by the adjacent residents. Both are wild-looking or naturalistic (true “low-maintenance” gardening) and continue the planting style from the residential property. Very impressive. I’d like to get violets to grow in the grass on my hell strip, maybe a few cowslips, but that’s probably as far as I’d go.


Home again. Here is the Gentiana acaulis (stemless gentian) I bought at Zocalo. It is spreading well and looks healthy, though not putting out a great many flowers.

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