Flowers-poking-through-snow pictures

Seeing a picture of plants in bloom before the snow around them has melted, I used to assume the flowers had been waiting, open, under the snow. But this year, for the first time, I am able to take my own flowers-poking-through-snow pictures — and of course, the snow they are poking through fell AFTER the flowers had come up.

These two photographs were taken in evening light. I didn’t want to risk the snow melting away before I got another chance.

It’s a much earlier spring than last year. These buds had appeared before the big snow dump that started on Wednesday night (April 4), more than three weeks earlier than their first appearance last year.


A wan snowdrop looks, as it did last year, like the sole survivor of an avalanche.


The first flowers of spring 2012 — Bulbocodium vernum — appear three weeks earlier than they did in 2011.

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