Primulas in July

Most of my primulas are finished flowering by the end of spring. Here are a few that came along a little later.

My label says P calderiana, but this seedling is some other primula. The seed must have migrated over from an adjacent sowing row. Nice little thing.

The polyanthus seedlings in the new bed between the paths to the back gate had a difficult spring, first flooded and then bug-eaten. Now, at last, they are surging. This red one is from Barnhaven's 'Red Rhumba' mix.

Primula alpicola violacea. I don't remember planting this. When I weeded the forget-me-nots out of the wet garden, there was a group of large, unmistakable leaves. It was a primula, but which primula? I kept an alpicola seedling indoors over winter. I must have had a second one that I planted out. The one in the pot (I'll add a picture later) is a lot of tiny leaves, but presumably much more going on beneath the soil, preparing for next year, but evidently outdoors was the way to go.

Mystery primula leaves under forget-me-nots in mid-June. All I could remember being there last year was a P vialii, but these leaves were too big.

Another look at Primula alpicola violacea. Click to enlarge.

And one more. (The blue blobs are forget-me-nots.)

This is another primula alpicola violacea seedling, started at the same time as the one above but kept indoors over winter. Planting it out would have been a better idea -- that's apparent now, but I had not grown this primula before and didn't know whether a small seedling could survive winter in zone 3.

This is Primula viallii. The focus is not great, but we are interested in the colour. This is a small plant, not very robust. The flowering cone is about two inches tall. A second plant did not make it through the winter, and this one is smaller than when I bought it. I have tried seed without much success and will keep trying -- because look at it.

The camera's default flash setting is auto, and if I don't turn it off, I can accidentally take a flash photograph. The black background brings up the insects on the stem. Click to enlarge.

And take two, without the flash. Amazing. It will go on flowering for several days. I will try to get some more pictures with better focus.

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