Late Risers

Click on the pictures to see them full size.

Last year, this fancy clematis grew a couple of feet and stopped. This year, waiting until the second week of June to make an appearance, it likely won’t do much more. Since it hasn’t quite died, I should move it to a sunnier spot and give it a better chance to thrive.

I had to dig to find a live bud on this grape (Valiant, if I remember right). It, too, will have to be moved. Compare another plant of the same variety (below).



This grape isn’t doing great either, the only new growth coming from ground level, but it has some leaves and some upward mobility. This fall, I won’t bother laying the stems down and covering them (except with snow when it comes). Covering the stems with leaves and soil, as advised, does not seem to have done them any good.

I had given up on this Oriental poppy (from seed sown 2009). It grew well last summer but put up only a little bit of green this spring, and that little bit withered and died. I pulled out the dead foliage and planted a new seedling nearby. Now, while its companions are in full bloom, here it is breaking through the ground.

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