Outgoing, Incoming

I left for the Edmonton Horticultural Society plant swap with fourteen plants and came back with fourteen different plants. Seems about right. Here they all are.

Ready to go: 5 x Primula veris (hyb) from garden-collected, open-pollinated seed (P veris crossed with P x polyantha); 3 x Primula auricula (hyb) (3 to a pot) from garden-collected, open pollinated seed; 3 x Lewisia pygmaea from seed exchange seed; 2 x Primula frondosa (I think) from purchased seed, and 1 Primula cortusoides from garden-collected seed.

Newly arrived, clockwise from bottom left (according to labels and some help from Google): woodland poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum); Campanula carpatica, Blue clips; Euphorbia (cyparissias would be my google-guess); two yogurt pots of mixed sempervivums and a sedum; Delphinium grandiflorum ‘Blue Elf’ (“the bluest blue you’ll ever see”); Pulmonaria mollis; an oregano sharing a pot with a tall blue bellflower (Campanula americana?); two pots of Liatris spicata, or blazingstar, pink; Knautia macedonica; and in the center row, from left, two alliums, one white and one Allium senescens ssp. montanum, and a catmint (Nepeta) ‘Six Hills Giant’ that is “not attractive to cats” (we’ll see about that).

A good haul.

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