Checking up on Last Spring’s Newcomers

Before heading out to the Edmonton Horticultural Society’s spring perennial swap, I checked up on the plants I picked up there last spring. There were eight, and I managed to find six. I think there was a heuchera; don’t know where I would have put it.

A Geranium macrorrhizum doing well in dry shade.

A snowdrop anemone (sylvestris). There should be a second one around. Great plant, one I'd wanted for a long time.

Lychnis coronaria aka rose campion

An unidentified Trollius, just reappeared a few days ago and now coming on fast.

The tag says Balkan yam, Dioscorea balcanica. The tag could be wrong. The plant looks like a polygonum, especially the flower (next photo). Instead of climbing, it is spreading (big word) stoloniferously (see bottom right).

Flower buds of alleged Balkan yam. Could be Polygonum bistorta, or similar.

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