Auricula Survey: May 15

The first auricula I grew from seed is also the nearest I have to a species auricula, its small flowers a clear and bright yellow. Its first flowering was also my first taste of the auricula’s sweet lemon cake scent.

The light yellow flowers of this garden centre auricula seem a bit big for the plant.

Another view of the yellow garden centre auricula.

Another garden centre auricula with oversize blooms. Not a keeper.

This garden centre auricula looks better in bud than in bloom.

Big head on a little stick. Another flaw of these garden centre auriculas is the noncommittal smattering of paste. You want a bright white ring or no paste at all. To the compost heap!

Fist-faced buds watch and wait.

Dull flower, overlarge and unruly foliage

This plant came from the same pack of seeds as the little yellow one at the top of the post. This one is exceptionally vigorous but its many small flowers are a dull dusty red. A great foliage plant, though.

This offspring of the above has even duller, smaller flowers than its parent, and lacks the parent’s shapely foliage. I sometimes wonder if I am not raising the world’s ugliest auriculas.

This one looks better from behind.

Border auricula ‘Purple Velvet’

And friends:

Primula marginata ‘Herb Dickson’ in the rock garden

Primula hirsuta

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