Auricula Survey: May 12

A yellow border auricula in the rock garden

Three views of a small white (pale yellow) primula that was sold to me as an auricula. I think it probably has some auricula in it, as well as one or two other primulas, possibly P marginata. (That’s a P marginata behind it.)

Border auricula ‘Purple Velvet’

Two garden variety border auriculas in pots.

My first auricula, grown from seed collected from open-pollinated plants at the Devonian Botanic Garden. It is ten+ years old now, and this is as big as it has grown. Most auriculas produce offsets and some quickly form substantial clumps. Not this one. I moved it last year; maybe it will be more vigorous in a new location with a better root run. Not that it isn’t perfect the way it is.

I haven’t seen the flowers of this auricula yet, but I expect they will be ugly (though still charming), like most of the auriculas I have grown from seed collected from open-pollinated plants in my garden. In a later post, I will show the seed parents, once they are in flower, and the ugliness of their offspring will be explained. It doesn’t show in the photo, but the meal on this one is slightly yellow, which makes the leaves appear washed with light.

One of my ugly, vigorous auriculas, backlit by the setting sun.

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